History of Ottawa Falcons Soccer Club

The Falcons began life as a single team club immediately following the Second World War being founded in 1946 as a British-based competitive football club. It quickly became a multi-ethnic group and soon boasted players from all over the globe. There was no formal structure in the first couple of decades and it was not until 1970 that it was felt necessary to have a permanent executive. The first written constitution for the club dates back to 1971.

Expansion began in the 1970s and a second team was added in 1973 which played as a reserve team for the first division squad. A third team was added into the second division of the Ottawa league with the absorption of the CE Flames team. In January of 1981 the club expanded when it merged with the Glens Dynamos (a youth club which itself had formed by merging the Glens S.C. with the Nepean Dynamos) and became the Glens Falcons. This added 20 teams of youngsters to the club. Also in 1981 the first Ladies team was formed and the next year saw the official inclusion of the first Oldtimers squad. This consisted of club members, 35 and over, who had been playing friendly games on an ongoing basis and the work of Ron Bolton lead to the existence of the official divisions within the OCSL.

By 1984 the club consisted of 3 men's, 2 ladies and 2 old-timers teams at the adult level with 12 youth competitive and 14 youth recreational teams. This was the year that the club became incorporated with the legal name of “Glens Falcons”.

In 1990 the youth and senior sides of the club were on different wavelengths and all but two of the youth teams decided to take off on their own and went on to form a new club which was called Nepean City. The remaining two teams played as Juniors until the players matured and moved into the senior part of the club.

The expansion has continued and the Falcons club now has around 20 teams and is represented in virtually every adult division in the OCSL. The Falcons family is a proud lot, with an appetite for the game that at times can be called insatiable. We go out and play hard to win our games. (Occasionally a few of us get carried away with enthusiasm!!) . . . after the game, when the other team has packed up and gone home, Falcons can be found sitting around rehashing the game, or just chewing the fat, before heading off to the nearest watering hole.

Some joined the Falcons when they were teenagers and have been here ever since. Through the years people have come and gone, some have returned, and some have stopped playing, but stuck around to heckle their mates and partake in the post-game socializing. The one thing that has remained constant is the camaraderie. The list of players who have been awarded a trophy for being a Falcon for 30 years continues to grow longer!

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