Wall of Fame

Pat O'Kane Award winners

In recognition for exceptional commitment and contribution to the Club

1992   Rob Smith

1993   Mike Moore

1995   Rob Smith

1997   Bob Butko

1999   Rob Smith

2000   Chris Cowtan

2001   Jennifer Legault

2002   Dave Hart

2003   Jill MacLaurin

2004   Stephen O'Kane

2006   Home of our Own Committee

2008   Gordon Smith

2009   Chris Cowtan

2011   Cheryl Sevigny

2013   Arthur McAllister

2014   Basil Phillips

2016   Paul Johanis

Divisional Champions and MVPs


OCSL Divisional Champions

Men's Competitive 3 Falcons

Old Timers 1 Falcons

Old Timers 3 Falcons Strollers


MC3 Alex Campbell, Chris Michael

MR1 Dimitri Radtchenko

MR2 Jonathan Reid

MR3 Brett Harper

MR4 Travis DeFranco

MR5 Goalden Boys Phil Hayles

MR5 Thistle Mohammed Ghadban

OT1 Russell Shaw

OT2 Ryan Knelsen

OT3 Garry Kelly

OT Masters 1 Peter Carpenter

OT Masters 1 Falcons50 Dave Crozier

OT Masters 2 Simon Alves

WP Kate Landry, Josée Leblanc

WC3 Shannon Kemp, Sarah-Lynne Bégin

W30+ Angela Garneau   


OCSL Divisional Champions

Men's Recreational 2  Falcons Santos

Old Timers 2 Falcons

Women's Competitive 1 Falcons


MR1 Ryan Devereaux

MR2 Philip Sottile

MR4 Glens Nathan Linton

MR4 Strollers Academy Murat Demirel

MR5 Goalden Boys Nenad Barba

MR5 Thistle United Mohammed Ghadban

OT1 Russell Shaw

OT2 Rob Hideg

OT3 Robb Duffett

OT5 Sean Thompson

OT Masters1 John Macangus 

OT Masters 2 Simon Alves

WP Lia Blake

WC1 Kate Landry

WC3 Monica Conn

W30+ Beth Langdon


OCSL Divisional Champions

Men's Recreational 1 Falcons Celtic

Men's Recreational 5 Falcons 

Old Timers 3 Falcons Strollers 

Women's 30+ Falcons United


MR1 Justin Sweeney

MR2 Simon Aiello

MR3 Jesse Luciano

MR4 Benji Kassis

MR5 Mujo Elevli

MR5 Thistle William Martin

MR5 United Domenic Nicoletta

OT1 none

OT2 Stephane Leclerc, Ashkan Golshani

OT3 Robb Duffett

OT4 Kirk Harvey

OT5 Ian Alexander

OT Masters2 Cecil Wallace

WP Kate Landry, Laurel Fougere

WC2 none

WC3 Amanda Enright

W30+ Larissa Patterson


OCSL Divisional Champions

Women's Premier Falcons Fury

Women's 30+ Falcons United


MR1 Gianni D’Edigio

MR2 Paul Huggins

MR3 Dave Stiles


MR5 Beau’s Neil Clark

MR5 Thistle Paul Foley

MR5 United Harvey Wittenberg


OT2 Stéphane Leclair/Giulio Scarzella

OT3 Kirk Harvey

OT3 Strollers 

OT5 Charlie Geier

OT Masters Cecil Wallace

WP Kelly Ann Hutchinson

WC1 Kathy Anderson

WC3 Jesse Levy

WC4 Laura Armstrong

W30+ Liz Miller

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