Teams for 2017


Ottawa Falcons Soccer Club has 17 teams participating in the 2017 season.  We are very excited to have 4 new teams joining the Club this year.  We have added a team to WC4, WR3, MR3 and MR4.

The full list of teams is below:

Falcons WP
Falcons United WC3
Falcons WC4
Falcons WR3

Falcons MC2
Falcons Celtic MR1
Falcons Santos MR2
Falcons Boro MR3
Falcons Glens MR4
Falcons MR4
Falcons Goalden Boys MR5
Falcons Thistle United MR5
Falcons OT1
Falcons OT2
Falcons Strollers OT3
Falcons 50 Masters 1
Falcons Ramblers Masters 2




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