Teams for 2018

Ottawa Falcons Soccer Club has added to 2 additional teams for the 2018 season and we will field a total of 19 teams this summer.  We are happy to welcome the Falcons Rangers OTM2 and Falcons OT45+ teams!  We would also like to wish the WR2, MC1 and MR4 Goalden Boys good luck in their new divisions after earning promotion last season!

The full list of teams representing the club this summer is below:

Falcons Women's Premier

Falcons WC3

Falcons WC4

Falcons WR2

Falcons MC1

Falcons Celtic MR1

Falcons Santos MR2

Falcons Boro MR3

Falcons Glens MR4

Falcons MR4

Falcons Goalden Boys MR4

Falcons Thistle MR5

Falcons OT1

Falcons OT2

Falcons Strollers OT3

Falcons OT45+

Falcons Master 1

Falcons Ramblers Master 2

Falcons Rangers Masters 2

Latest News

2018 Summer Season
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